Sustainable Materials



Rubber Wood : We use wood from rubber tree (official name : Hevea brasiliensis) which is planted mostly in the southern part of Thailand. Rubber wood is valued for its dense grain, attractive color, minimal shrinkage, and acceptance of different finishes. The most important is after the farmers cut the trees and replaced with new ones. The lumber from these trees is therefore plantation wood – not forest wood. It has been our philosophy from the start up of our company in 1981 to help protect the environment by making full use of our wood and ensuring that there is no waste.

We also used MDF (medium density fiber) board, which is manufactured from sugarcane pulp. After the sugar mills squeeze the water from sugarcane, the leftover pulp is used as the main raw material in these MDF boards. Again, nothing is wasted.

Water-based Dyed : The colors used in manufacturing Voilà toys are water based and are tested periodically by independent lab testing specialists such as SGS, ITS or TÜV. Every batch of paint delivered is also tested and guaranteed by the suppliers.

Our paints have been screened for chemicals such as lead, cadmium, barium and etc., as well as for prohibited chemicals in wood such as PCP, and have passed the requirements of all toy safety standards.


Non-formaldehyde Glue : Our products do not use glue that contain formaldehyde, which are hazardous to health. We use only safe, non-toxic glue on all products.

Recycled Paper Packaging : Recycled paper is used for our printed materials.