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S041A-H,J-M Tooth Keeper



Choose from any of Voilà’s rainbow color wooden tooth keepers to store the primary teeth or baby teeth of your child. By doing so, you can preserve the memories of your child’s development between the ages of 6 years old up until around 12 years old when baby teeth gradually fall.

It is recommended that each tooth be simply washed thoroughly, wiped and left to dry completely before putting it away into our wooden tooth keeper. No need to scrub or use soap.

S041A Tooth Keeper (Yellow)
S041B Tooth Keeper (Bright Orange)
S041C Tooth Keeper (Red)
S041D Tooth Keeper (Pink)
S041E Tooth Keeper (Violet)
S041F Tooth Keeper (Blue)
S041G Tooth Keeper (Baby Blue)
S041H Tooth Keeper (Light Blue)
S041J Tooth Keeper (Turquoise)
S041K Tooth Keeper (Green)
S041L Tooth Keeper (Bright Green)
S041M Tooth Keeper (Brown)

Product size:

W 3.6 x L 3.8 x H 5.2 cm. ; W 1 3/8 x 1 1/2 x 2 in.

Box size:

W 4.3 x L 6.3 x H 7.5 cm. ; W 1 3/4 x L 2 1/2 x H 3 in.

Toy contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.