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Family Sets





Voilà offers you a wide selection of flexible, semi-wooden dolls. These doll house dolls are dressed in contemporary style and display ethnic traits that children of many cultures can identify with. The dolls are basically similar, yet different in their own special way just like real people. We hope that children will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the different races that make up our world.

*Packed in a set of 4 dolls.
S8646 Family Set
S8660 Family Set 1A
S8661 Family Set 2A
S8662 Family Set 3A
S8694 Family Set 8A

*Packed in a set of 6 dolls.
S8686 Family Set 4A
S8687 Family Set 5A
S8688 Family Set 6A
S8689 Family Set 7A

*Material may vary without prior notice.

Product size:

Height of dolls – Men 13 cm. / 5 in. ; Women 12 cm. / 4 3/4 in. ; Children 10 cm. / 4 in.

Box size:

W 4.4 x L 9.2 x H 15 cm. ; W 1 3/4 x L 3 5/8 x H 5 7/8 in.

Toy contains small parts and small ball(s). Not for children under 3 years.